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In 1989, PT Sinar Para Taruna (PT Sipatatex) was established in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia) as an expansion of its sister company C.V. Sinar Matahari Textile (C.V. Simatex) manufacturing plant that has been in business since 1972. The Founders of the Company has been in the field of business for approximately 30 years at the time PT Sinar Para Taruna was founded.

Both companies specialize in producing Warpknitting fabric of superior quality along with Tricot fabric and have always been both the pioneers and market leaders in Bandung, Indonesia.

The entire PT Sinar Para Taruna's plant is located at Batujajar Industrial Area occupying an area of approximately 45 thousand square meters. All yarn preparations, warp knitting process, dyeing, finishing and packaging are done in a single plant by accommodating the most advanced machineries imported from European and Japanese manufactures.

Aiming for high quality Warp Knitting fabric, we consistently implement a Total Quality Management System throughout the production line. Starting from carefully selected yarn, spare parts, chemical solutions and other raw material from the best manufacturers, we process them on our best performing hi-tech machineries. Managed by experts in the field, our employee Training Center provides training and development programs to provide skillful and fully qualified human resources, as they are the keys to both your satisfaction and our company's growth. Supported by our Research and Development department using the most sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology available in the market, our production is guaranteed to meet even your stringest requirements in quality, design, and color variety.

As one of the market leaders in Indonesia, we have the support from a superior distribution network, which covers both domestic and international market. Internationally, we have expanded our distribution network into Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa..

PT Sinar Para Taruna is committed to provide an excellent service to its clients together with progressive expansion in our production capacity and marketing network worldwide to provide a better response in international market demands during today's era of globalization.


Visions of the company :

PT Sinar Para Taruna aims to provide one stop shop for all buyers seeking for elastic or rigid warpknitting fabric. Backed with the best machineries available in the market to obtain efficient production process and higher quality of fabric, we supply only the best quality of warpknitting fabric by inspecting the material from the first stage of process to the final step of production of fabric including the packaging. All done in a timely manner to guarantee on-time delivery for all customers. All of the above are committed in order to serve global demands and to ensure customers satisfaction.


Our motto of efficient production with strict quality assurance for customer satisfaction has been implemented in all level of our manufacturing processes.